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An early influence includes the home workshop of my physicist father. Therein lay projects of intrigue and wonder. Dear old Dad could fix anything, jury-rig a contraption of spare parts to accomplish some exotic task. I spent many an hour tweaking in the shop by myself, while he was at work. My conviction of the last three decades began as technique 101, discovering clay, metal, glass, paper, pigments, timing, intent and ultimately validity. I’ve learned over time that the predictability of repetition is too safe and uninspiring. The spontaneous reaction to a controlled concept with uncontrolled results appeals to my sense of adventure; constantly requiring fresh input. The greatest work arrives as a surprise to myself, emitting the best cerebral rush.


Education:  MFA in Ceramics  – University of Washington, BFA in Ceramics and Glass – University of Minnesota

Publications:  Architectural Crafts, Bridget Beattie McCarthy; Washington Craft Forms, LaMar Harrington; Arts Line Magazine, August 1985 Issue; Winn Art Group Signature Collections, I, II & III; 1991 Portfolio of American Crafts, GLM Publications; Better Homes and Gardens, January 1991 Issue; The Guild 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, Kraus Sikes; Star Trek the Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager television series; Residential Lighting, October 1995; The Lampshade Book, Lark Books, 1997. Films: Narrow Margin, Star Trek IX, and Star Trek Insurrection. Star Trek the Magazine March 2002 issue. American Windsurfer, Summer 2003 issue.

Grants and Awards:  Works on or off Paper and Clay – Honorable Mention
Pacific Northwest Arts and Crafts Fair – First Place and Honorable Mention
Crafts 80 – First Place
Ford Foundation Grant
Hail Mid Columbia – Honorable Mention
Artists of the Gorge – First Place

Selected Collections and Installations:  SAFECO Corporate Collection; Nordstrom; Peoples Bank; Diamond Sylvester; Howard S. Wright Construction; Firemans Fund Insurance; Chevron; Western Airlines; Marriot hotels; Palmer House and Towers, Chicago; UCLA Medical Center; Gene Roddenberry; Holiday Inn; Daiichi Hotel, Tokyo Bay, Japan; Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City; CBS Television; Boeing Aircraft Company; Amoco Corp.; Bloomingdales; Hilton Equipment; Signature Inns; GTE Northwest; Group Health; Xerox Corp.; Walt Disney Pictures; NCR; Paramount Pictures; Charter Medical Group; Frederick and Nelson; Hewlett-Packard; McDonald’s Corp.; Gran Deco Hotel; Urabandai, Japan; ComSat Laboratories; Dow Chemical World Headquarters; and many others.


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