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Ceramic Lighting

These ceramic and carbon fiber lamps are unique and wonderful. Each expresses gesture and a personality that is designed to evoke subtle mood.

Wall Plates

Plates are a simple form, having been used throughout time for a variety of uses, both functional and decorative. My intent for this format is to explore both painting and landscape studies. These parabolic shapes function as a canvas in which I am able to freely draw into the wet clay delineating lights and darks as the composition emerges. Sizes are available in 16″, 25″, 35″, and 45″.


Wall Panels

While merging the fresh, spontaneous look of water media with the textural and technical quality of ceramics, a rather unique and pleasing effect is achieved. The combination of color and texture in an abstract assembly creates a remarkable soothing, yet interesting focal point for your home or office.

Diptych ~ 22″x45″, Six-Panel Set ~ 72″x32″, Eight-Panel Set ~ 48″x65″.panels

6 piece detail.png

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